The investigation continued for the third consecutive day by the CBI in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. On Sunday, SIT went to Sushant's flat with Sushant's friend Siddharth Pithani, helper Dipesh, and cook Neeraj Singh. Here three questions were answered. It is being told that on Monday, the CBI team can interrogate actress Riya Chakravarty.

Suspect on Riya and Siddharth's relationship

After Sushant's death, the suspicious role of Siddharth and Riya is also driving suspicion on the relationship between them. Meanwhile, two such videos have gone viral on social media, which Riya shared on her Instagram. The special thing in these posts was that both these videos were shot in Sushant's flat. But Riya gave credit for shooting them to Siddharth Pithani instead of Sushant.

The videos shared on Riya's Instagram are from March 25 and April 3. This was the time when the country was under total lockdown, and Riya left her home and came to stay at Sushant's house.

Riya Chakraborty's second video clicked by Siddharth Pithani.

Sushant's flat, the team that went to the resort; Homeowner also questioned

The CBI team arrived at Sushant's flat on Monday with his friends Siddharth Pithani, helper Deepesh, and cook Neeraj Singh. The three people were questioned about the incident on June 13 and 14 for about 3 hours. The crime scene was also re-created here. Sources say the trio's statements about the crime scene sequence, the unloading of the corpse, and the June 13-14 incident are contradictory.

The owner of Sushant's flat was also questioned on Sunday. He lived in Sanjay Lalwani's flat. Sushant had taken 4 flats on 6th and 7th of Bandra West Mount Block Building on a 3-year lease. Whose monthly rent was Rs 4.50 lakh? It grew by a ratio of 10 percent every year.

On 9 December 2019, Sushant took this Duplex flat on the lease, which had a duration till 2022. The CBI team reached the Lalwani family with an agreement copy of the flat. The team has investigated how Sushant bought the flat.

Meanwhile, a CBI team also went to the Water Stone Resort on Sunday, where Sushant had spent 2 months. The team stayed for 2 hours at the resort. Asked the staff how Sushant was behaving when he stayed there. Earlier, the CBI team questioned Sushant's flat owner Sanjay Lalwani.