If you have a sudden toothache, you can effectively use cloves for immediate relief. It is an old method of relieving toothache. In most Indian families, cloves are used for immediate relief from toothache. The use of cloves available in our home kitchen will provide relief from toothache.

Putting one to two pieces of clove in the tooth where the pain has arisen will gradually reduce the pain and provide relief. Applying clove oil between rotten teeth provides relief from pain. When the teeth are moving and hurting, filling the cloves in the teeth provides relief. When you have a toothache, you should chew one to two pieces of cloves or put cloves in your teeth at night and sleep. By doing this you will get relief from toothache.

Apart from this, making clove powder and mixing it with olive oil, and applying it to the teeth will relieve pain. Apart from this, boiling water and rinse provides relief from toothache. Rubbing lemon juice on the gums stops bleeding from the teeth. Repeated rinse with saltwater provides relief from tooth decay. Chewing basil leaves and drinking a decoction of basil leaves make teeth and gums strong.