Actress Payal Rohatgi, who is often in the limelight due to her controversial statements, is once again in the news. The Metropolitan Court of Mumbai has ordered an inquiry against the actress. Payal had tweeted an objection against Jamia Millia Islamia student Safura Zargar. Due to this, the court has ordered the police to investigate and submit the report by 30 April.
What is the whole matter?

In fact, in June last year, Sapura, who had done M.Phil from Jamia in connection with the Delhi riots, was in jail. Then she became pregnant. After which Payal Rohatgi was targeted by tweeting on Sapura's religion.

Payal tweeted and wrote, 'Is the medical shop not providing condoms? Oops, there is no concept of condoms for Muslim women. If they can produce dozens of children, what difference does it make that one of them is born in jail? '

In another tweet, Payal wrote, "People like you celebrate for terrorists like Yakub Menon on Facebook." After these tweets of the actress, she was heavily criticized on social media. Even Payal's Twitter account was suspended.

Advocate Ali Kashif Khan complained about Payal's tweet at Mumbai's Amboli police station, but no action was taken in this case. After which he filed a petition in the Andheri court in December 2020, demanding an investigation and registration of an FIR.