Actress Payal Rohatgi, who speaks like Kangana, is bringing the black acts of Bollywood to the public these days. Actors like Salman Khan, Karan Johar have been targeted at his target, where Karan Johar is being dragged on for nepotism, and Salman Khan is accused of abetment.

Payal attacked Salman

Once again, Payal posted a video on his social account in which he stripped Salman Khan's Being Human tagline and said - When Salman benefits, he calls 10-12 places but where he does not benefit. He also quits the drama of being Being, while Payal also talks to him about why Salman has not yet tweeted any demand for a CBI inquiry on Sushant's death.

Let us tell you that Payal has made many serious allegations against Yash Raj Films and their casting director Shanu Sharma, how Shanu Sharma had charged 5000 thousand rupees for a meeting. He said that when these casting agents can do this with those who have done little work, then what will they do with the new people within the industry.

Even before this, Payal exposed Hui with Me Me Too. In 2011, when she went to audition for the film, Dibakar Banerjee demanded her before giving her the job. Payal had told in an interview that Dibakar told him to first lift his skirt and show his belly. Talking about the casting couch he had, Payal had also told that he had stopped getting films when he raised his voice against it. Payal had alleged that the director demanded that you first make me happy, although Dibakar dismissed the allegations.

Tell that Payal has shared the experience and personal story of Bollywood at the behest of the fans.