Fans have been fighting to get justice for the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The anger of Sushant's death has become so prevalent among the people that he has reduced the number of films in Bollywood. In such a situation, Bollywood player Akshay Kumar has reacted recently on all these matters. But his response was overshadowed by him.

Akshay Kumar shared a video on social media in the past and talked about the drugs case. During this, Akshay was seen defending Bollywood. This was the thing that shocked Sushant's fans. After which he started trolling the actor. Not only this, but demand is also being raised to ban Akshay's upcoming film 'Laxmi Bomb' on social media. After which #BanLaxmiBomb is trending on Twitter.

One user commented and wrote, 'Please do not fall into their false emotional words. He is just trying to trap you all because his new film is coming. At the same time, another user even wrote that he will not see any of his films after watching this video of Akshay.

Here are some comments made by users: