Most women resort to make-up to hide unwanted wrinkles and fine lines on the face. But do you know that some habits are responsible for these untimely fine lines and wrinkles? By changing them, you can avoid premature lines that appear around the eyes or near the lips. So let's know what are the habits these habits that needs to be changed immediately.

How to drink water

We use straws to drink a lot of drinks. If you want, you can also drink water with the help of these straws. By doing this, the skin near the lips will not spread and get rid of the line formed.

Lifting weights

Everyone likes to build the body by going to the gym. But if you lift weights in the gym, be careful. Lifting weight also causes tension on the face due to which collagen of tissues starts to break down. The result of which comes in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mobile blue screen

If you are in a habit watching mobile or tablet for several hours continuously, then change this habit immediately. Because you can apply any number of sunscreen lotions, but the rays emanating from blue light start to make your skin ageing before age.

Not wearing the right power glasses

Doctors advise many women to wear glasses. But if you look continuously without glasses or with wrong power glasses, then fine lines are sure to form near your eyes. Because the eyes are tired due to constant pressure on the eyes and the muscles around them start to shrink.