Bhajan Emperor Narendra Chanchal Ji said goodbye to the world at the age of 80. Narendra Ji breathed his last at Apollo Hospital in Delhi. According to the news, he was ill for the last 3 months. Narendra Ji has a different name in the world of music. Whenever people hear the hymns of Mother Rani, Narendra Chanchal Ji's name automatically comes into his mind. Narendra Ji gave a different direction to Mother's Jagrat. The festival of Navratri or the awakening of a mother is considered incomplete without her hymns. Few people know that Chanchal Ji, who ruled millions of hearts with his hymns, once lost his voice.

When the voice of Narendra Chanchal was gone

According to the news, once Narendra Ji was told by someone near the house to sing to him in the temple of Maa Kali. At that time, he had to go to Mumbai for a bhajan record. To go to Mumbai, Chanchal Ji said that I am ill and he went to Mumbai to record bhajans instead of singing bhajans at Kali Mata temple. Then while recording Mumbai Bhajan, his voice stopped. According to the news, he understood that he refused to sing bhajans in the temple of Maa Kali, so he was punished by the mother. If the news is believed, then Chanchal came again to Amritsar and went to the Maa Kali temple and apologized, then his voice had returned.

Secrets are hidden behind the name

There is also an interesting story behind the playful play behind Narendra Ji's name. Narendra Chanchal was born in Amritsar but he used to come and go to Jalandhar. His hard work was hidden behind making his own identity in the world of music. Listening to the hymns of Mata Rani in childhood, she also wished to sing music. According to the news, Narendra Ji was very mischievous in childhood and his mind did not seem to be in studies, so he used to leave school and play. Due to being naughty, his teacher started calling him playfully. After this Narendra Ji added the playful forever behind his name.

Sing hymns learned from mother

According to the news, the first guru of Narendra Chanchal Ji was his mother. Along with the mother, she started singing bhajan. When Chanchal Ji started singing bhajans, there was no time for cassettes. Chanchal Ji's first hymn 'Tere Naam Di Japa Mala O Sherawaliye' was released in the music album, which broke all records. You called me Sherawali. Like Bhajan Narendra Chanchal Ji was famous. Once Chanchal Ji said that it is just a matter of desire that I should take my last breath as I sing Bhajan. Even though Narendra Chanchal Ji is no longer in this world but he will always be alive in the hearts of people.