Gadgets or technology may have made our job easier. But today it is also having a very bad effect on our health. Recent research has revealed that the use of phones and other devices till late at night is causing male infertility (male infertility). People living married life were more careful.

If your partner brings a phone or other gadget to the room at night, then stop it. This is because not only will it spoil your mood but it will also affect the quality of your sperm. A recent Virtual Sleep 2020 study has revealed that men who use or are exposed to digital gadgets late at night may have an increased risk of infertility. However, it is also a subject of a thorough investigation.

1. Infertility statistics of WHO
Looking at the data of the World Health Organization, it is found that the number of men and women who suffer from infertility is 15 to 20 percent worldwide. While talking about men, this figure is intimidating. Mail infertility rates range from 20 to 40 percent. Whereas in India, men who suffer from infertility make up 23 percent of the total.

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2. Other reasons for male infertility
However, it is also not the case that only late-night gadgets are used for male infertility. There can be many other reasons behind this, such as smoking, alcohol consumption and poor lifestyle, etc. But seeing all these reasons, we cannot take the recent research lightly.

3. Short-wavelength light gives damage
Studies suggest that the use of digital devices late into the night not only affects sperm motility, progressive sperm motility, and sperm formation. In fact, digital devices emit a light called short-wavelength light (SWL). Studies show that the more you stay in touch with SWL, the more it will affect the quality of your sperm.

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Apart from this, it was also told that sleep and sperm count also have some connection among themselves. If you get it right, the effect of light emitted from any digital device does not only affect sleep. Rather it can also prevent sperm from reaching the right place. Due to which the male can become a victim of complete infertility.

4. Also affects the mind
Not only this, but different colored lights can also affect fertility. For example, the use of more SWL in the evening or at night reduces the flow of melatonin. It is a hormone produced by the pineal arthritis of the brain. Due to this, the sleep of not only men but also women is affected. Due to this, either the person stays asleep for a long time or his sleep starts decreasing. This can also affect fertility completely.

5. Relying on gadgets is making you sick
Today's modern era has made us completely dependent on gadgets. Due to which we are not only losing our capabilities but also getting sick. More laptops or mobiles also affect our DNA. This causes so much damage to our cells that they themselves cannot recover. Many times the problem becomes so severe that it leads to abortion.

6. Use gadgets till this time
However, there is no problem with using these digital devices in the evening. Even then, there is still more research on the use of digital devices late at night. But if you leave this habit, then it will be better for you.

7. Get advice from the doctor in such a situation
It is important for a healthy body and mind that you also get good sleep daily. But if you keep working till late at night, then you should consult a doctor or a specialist for your better future.