As of now in the markets, birth control pills are available only for women, but may soon be available for men as well. These birth control pills are specially made for men. These pills will also be very effective. Scientists are happy with this discovery. "This will be a major step in the field of contraception," she said. Men can also succeed in contraception by taking one pill daily.

It is worth noting that this medicine will be exactly the same as that used by women to date. Exactly the same contraceptive pill. It is developed by the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute. To this end, the organization worked closely with the University of Washington.

According to media reports, the pill will be called Dimethandrolone Eggenote (DMAU), it will affect hormones. It has been said by scientists that birth control pills will prevent the erection of semen necessary for fertilization in men. Its intake will be completely safe.

It is noteworthy that scientists have been trying to develop such a medicine since 1950. But now they have succeeded. However, it is not yet clear how long these drugs will be in the market and what side effects will occur.