Beautiful hands are liked by every woman, for this, many types of manicures are also used. It is better to go to the parlor to make a scrub at home.

A manicure can be made easier by spending money in the parlor and there you will also find different options like NailArt. It is not safe to go to the parlor in the Corona era because more people come and social distance cannot be followed. If you like clean hands with clean hands, feel free to make a scrub at home. Homemade scrubs will not cause any harm to your skin and you will not have to go outside. Natural scrub will help remove the yellowing of your nails, dead skin of hands. Here we will tell you how to make and use a scrub at home, besides we will also tell you the benefits of manicure.

Scrub ready for a manicure

First, take light lukewarm water in the bowl and mix it with shampoo, body wash, 2 tablespoons honey, and lemon juice. Lemon acts as an excellent de-tanning and whitening agent and is considered the best moisturizer, which maintains moisture in the skin. In this solution, soak your hands for a while and let them remain until they become soft. After a while, all you have to do is press the dead skin, so that they will slowly start coming out. If you want to get out of dead cells early, then olive oil will be beneficial for you. If your skin is dry, you can add 2 teaspoons of sugar to this solution.

Way to scrub

When you want to scrub, first wash your hands with soap or body wash. Next, remove the nail polish from the nail paint removal and give the nails a perfect shape with the nail filer. According to your choice, you can give any shape of nails like round, square or oval etc. If you cut a nail, instead of the first big cut, make small cuts and cut some nails. This tip will prevent the shape of your nails from deteriorating. Now you have to keep hands soaked in honey and lemon scrubs and takes out dead cells and cuticles. Make sure that you do not forget to apply moisturizer after scrubbing.

Manicure keeps nails clean

Your nails become yellow and dirty when going out or doing housework, which requires a manicure to avoid. Even if you wash your hands with soap, you may have seen clean hands, but we do not see the dirt hidden inside. Manicure once a week is very important to avoid germs and infections.

Improves blood circulation

Manicure not only keeps your hands clean, but it also increases your blood circulation. This is also because a 20-minute massage relaxes your hands and improves blood circulation. You can do a manicure to improve the blood flow in the hands, which will look beautiful as well as give health benefits.

Helps you to relax and make your skin soft

In today's part-time life, it is very important to get rest and we often forget to take time for ourselves. Massage of hands also gives relief to your palms and fingers, which is quite important. By taking time for yourself, you can do a manicure, which will make you feel relaxed. Besides, your hands will become even more beautiful and soft.

With these easy things at home, now you too can make a scrub for a manicure. If you like this article, then definitely share it and stay connected with life to read this kind of article.

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