The feeling of love is very beautiful. Especially the relationship between husband and wife is very special. Husband and wife standing for each other at every turn are incomplete without each other. At the same time, there is a sign of some love in our lives, which often makes us happy by seeing it, but those moments spent with our friends and those times always remain memories in our hearts, sadly It happens that we do not have a partner with us. We often remember him on every occasion of his life, but it is not possible to return from the world where he goes.

A similar love story has come to light in Koppal, Karnataka. Where the husband formed the dream of his dreams in love with the wife. On this special occasion, his wife was not present, but to realize the presence of the wife, he made his wife's wax statue, which surprised everyone.

Srinivas Gupta's wife had said goodbye to the world in a road accident in 2017. After the death of his wife Madhavi, Srinivas Gupta felt lacking at every turn and to make up for the lack of him, he got the wife idol built and when the house of the new house was entered on August 8, Srinivas Gupta made his wife's idol Welcomed all the guests with.

Everyone was surprised to see Madhavi wearing a rose-colored saree, gajra in hair, ornaments around her neck. When this photo went viral on social media, people did not see that it was just a statue.
Fulfilled wife's dream

Srinivas Gupta's wife had a dream to have a lovely house in which her family was happy and Srinivas Gupta fulfilled his wife's dream.
It is a pleasant feeling to see wife's idol: Srinivas Gupta

On the other hand, according to media reports, Srinivas Gupta says on the wife's idol, it is a pleasant feeling to see the wife in her house as it was her dream home. At the same time, it took almost a year to prepare this idol and for these years, silicone has been used with wax.