In the present time, where there are corona kills on one side, locusts also wreak havoc on the other side. Locust parties have created terror in India. Alerts have also been issued in many states of the country. Simultaneously, efforts are also being made by the government to get rid of them. But do you know that due to locusts in history, millions of people died in China? This incident is about 60 years ago.
In fact, in 1958, Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung), who was in power in China, started a campaign called 'Four Paste Campaign'. As part of this campaign, he ordered the killing of four creatures (mosquito, fly, rat and sparrow bird). They said that they ruin the crops, causing the farmers to waste all their hard work.

Now you must know that finding and killing mosquitoes, flies and mice is a difficult task because they easily hide anywhere, but the sparrow always likes to live among humans. In such a situation, she got caught in the trap of Mao Zedong's campaign. They were hunted and killed throughout China, their nests destroyed. Wherever people saw the sparrow, they would kill it immediately. Most importantly, people used to get a reward for this too. The number of sparrows who killed a person would be awarded the prize on the same basis.

Now the result of killing sparrow in large numbers is that in China, their number declined rapidly in a few months and on the contrary there was an increase in wastage of crops. However, in 1960, Sho-Cheng Cheng, a famous ornithologist from China, told Mao Zedong that sparrows not only waste crops but also eat insects (locusts) that cause large amounts of damage to grains. This was understood by Mao Zedong, as the yield of rice in the country was steadily decreasing rather than increasing.

On Sho-shin Cheng's advice, Mao ordered the stop the killing of the sparrow with immediate effect and instead ordered them to kill the grain-eating insects (locusts), but by then it was too late. The absence of sparrows had led to a rapid increase in the number of locusts, which destroyed all crops. This caused a terrible famine in China and a large number of people succumbed to hunger. It is believed that about 1.50 crore people died from this hunger. Some figures also show that 1.50-4.50 crore people died due to starvation. It is considered one of the greatest tragedies in the history of China.