With the onset of winter, the most effective cold is felt on our soft lips. If they are left unmanaged, they can be led astray and lose the right path. Many of these people have cracked lips to such an extent that blood starts coming out of them. So today we will tell you a special, cheap, and easy recipe that can be done at home. Mixing cardamom PC with butter twice a day and applying it continuously for seven days also removes the problem of cracking on the lips.

Grind rose petals and mix some cream or milk in it and apply it on the lips. Mix three to four drops of glycerin in one teaspoon of rose water and apply on the lips three to four times a day. This will cure chapped lips. Ghee is applied on the lips since ancient times to keep them soft. This does not change the color of the lips. But for better results, apply lemon juice in ghee at night and wash it in the morning. Lips will become pinker.

Add rose water to lemon juice to keep lips naturally pink and healthy. Apply this way daily for the best results. Increase the use of green vegetables, butter, cucumber, papaya, soybean, and lentils in the diet to eliminate the problem of chapped lips. All these things eliminate vitamin deficiency and prevent our lips from breaking.

Apply butter on the lips for one minute before going to sleep at night. This keeps lips soft and does not crack. If the lips are more torn, remove the dead skin on it, rub it lightly with a cotton cloth. This will remove dead skin. Then apply ghee or butter to it. Use this at night. Drink plenty of water because it will not cause dehydration in your body and your lips will not suffer from dehydration.