The winter season is the season of Vasana. Different types of garments are made in the house. There are also different types of pampering. Eating laddus in winter is beneficial. Different types of laddus have positive effects on health. Let us know which laddu is beneficial for the body. This pampering effect made from jaggery and ghee is warm. Due to which it provides protection in the cold. Energy-rich sesame seed marmalade relieves depression and stress. Mole detoxes the lungs and body

Also, the calcium present in it makes bones strong. If you have a cold and a fever, then you should eat Gumna Ladwa. It also relieves joint pain. This pampering is beneficial even in pregnancy weakness. Eating dates in the winter gives the body energy along with heat. Dates provide protein, fiber, potassium, boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc.

Which keeps the body healthy. Regularly consuming palm laddus helps in reducing weight as well as cholesterol. In addition, glucose, sucrose, and fructose keep your body fresh throughout the day. Fenugreek seeds have antioxidant properties. Which provides protection from flu and cold.

Consuming fenugreek laddus is nectar to reduce joint pain and swelling. Fenugreek contains polyphenolic flavonoids that make the kidney more efficient. Also, the daily consumption of fenugreek laddus relieves period pain. Women are advised to eat fenugreek laddus in case of weakness, body pain after delivery.