When you believe in a person, you also have the fear of breaking your trust after trusting him. It is also natural to happen because no person can find out what he is. Talk about the age of today, it is becoming more difficult to judge anyone. Acharya Chanakya has mainly told 4 things to test any woman or man. Come, know those 4 things ……

Feeling of sacrifice
Chanakya says that the feeling of renunciation should not only be in women, it is not necessary, but to test men also, one should see the spirit of renunciation in them. A person who does nothing for the happiness of others can never be a good person.

Must be character
Often, when it comes to character, society only likes to talk about the character of women. Whereas any person, whether it is a woman or a man is very important to test his character. Any person who cheats on his friends, husband, wife, and close ones can never be good.

Human qualities must be seen

If someone wants to be tested, then the qualities of that person should be seen. By the way, every person has both qualities and demerits, but if you have more qualities than demerits, then you can identify a better person with this quality. Women and men who are angry, lie to talk, insult others, and due to their ego, they can never do any good to anyone.

Test birth not karma
Instead of examining these things, in which situation or in which family a person is born, his actions should be tested. Sayings based on karma apply equally to both men and women.