Winter season has started, in this season you will find many green vegetables and leafy vegetables in the market, it is delicious to eat as well as it is very beneficial for health, in this season spinach also comes in such a way You can store spinach properly at home and use it for a long time.

Whenever you buy spinach from the market, first remove the bad leaves present in the bunch and keep only the good leaves in a newspaper and seal it. Now keep it in a jeep bag, after that keep the spinach in the refrigerator. You can store the spinach for a week, keeping the coolness getting

To store spinach, you can also use the airtight box, for this you have to first separate the good leaves of the spinach, then take a big airtight plastic box, put a paper towel in the surface of this box and then a little spinach Add two loaves of bread after this and take two partitions, making the extra water in the spinach soak the bread once a week replace the bread and paper towels, this will keep the spinach fresh

Separate the spinach stem and chop the leaves finely with the help of a knife. Now fill these leaves in a jeep lock bag and keep them inside the freezer, this will keep the spinach leaves fresh for a week.