By the way, every festival after the marriage has different importance, but first, there is something special about Karva Chauth.

For a newly married bride, every festival in the in-laws after marriage means something different. Every suhagan enjoys the festival on one side while getting soaked in the colour of the in-laws, while the happiness of having a new bride is also included in his mind. The most important of the post-wedding festivals is the festival of Karva Chauth. On this day, every Suhagan wishes her husband for a long life and keeps a fast. This fast is very special for the new bride. Let's know why the first Karva Chauth is special for the new bride

The first Karva Chauth is special after marriage

The first Karva Chauth is special after marriage. If you are keeping fast of Karva Chauth for the first time then it will be special for you as well as your in-laws. The mother-in-law of the newly fledged bride also gets ready for her fast. The morning begins with a sargi. After that, different types of dishes are made throughout the day. The newlyweds dress up like a bride. In-laws give some special things to their daughter-in-law. Such as new clothes and jewellery. Many women also get their gifts from Mike.

Dress up like a bride

Women want to look most beautiful and special on this day. The women who have the first Karva Chauth are dressed like a bride. The red coloured pair is considered as a good omen. Apart from this, there are many more colours which are worn on this day. Women who have their first Karva Chauth after marriage, on this day, dress like a bride as well as wear heavy jewellery, decorate mehndi in hands and make sixteen adornments. Many women even wear their wedding dress on this day.

Ladies worship Moon

The worship of the moon has special significance in the fast of Karva Chauth. Due to how the moon is shown worshipping in Bollywood, many women feel like worshipping on their first Karva Chauth similarly. In the evening, women worship and worship their husband by seeing the moon and opening the fast by drinking water from their hands. The first Karva Chauth is very special and the Shagun is also taken care of. According to Hindu beliefs, the moon is considered to be the form of Lord Brahma and the moon is blessed with a long life. The moon has qualities like beauty, love and longevity, so all the women, seeing the moon, wish that all these qualities come in their husbands.

There is a special feeling

First, the woman gets a special feel on Karva Chauth. Along with receiving gifts from family members, they also get special gifts from husband and nowadays, the husband and wife keep this fast together. The husband and wife both worship together and drink water and eat food together after seeing the moon.