While on one hand, the country is suffering from Corona, on the other hand, poor people are also facing many problems due to strong winds. But in the meantime, a touching story has also come to light, when a woman, regardless of her health and life, thought about the safety of others.

Actually, Mumbai has been affected due to rain. Alam is that the streets of Mumbai have been flooded to their knees, due to which the pits are not even visible. In such a situation, Kanta Murthy, aged 50 years, stood in the rain for 7 hours to save people from falling into the pit. Kanta Murthy kept warning the people standing in the garden till the people of Municipal Corporation reached there.
Standing in the rain for hours to save people from falling into the pit

According to reports, the roads were flooded due to rain. When Kanta Murthy noticed that the BMC workers were not here to help, they opened the manhole on the road to drain the water. However, when she felt that people might be the victim of the accident, she stood thereafter opening the lid of the manhole. She continued to control traffic from 6 am to 1 pm.
Not only this, but she also kept on alerting the vehicles and people passing by the manhole so that no accident happens. When asked why the manhole opened? So she said, "I did what I felt right at that time. I had no other option than this. When the floodwater was flowing, nobody helped me."

Thirsty for 7 hours but alert people

Kanta Tai standing in thirsty rain for 7 hours is praising this enduring work of Kanta Tai. Local residents and policemen also helped build his broken house. Not only this, but about 1.5 rupees were also donated to him.
Who is Kanta Tai?

50-year-old Kanta Murthy Kalan lives on the pavement outside Matunga station in Mumbai. Her husband paralyzed 15 years ago due to a train accident. She currently resides in Vashi Naka, separate from Kanta Tai. They have 8 children, of whom 5 are married. At the same time, the remaining 3 sell flowers in Dadar Market to raise children.

Daughter's education money was washed away

Not only this, but she also taught her daughter a lot by selling flowers and working hard. She had deposited Rs 10,000 for his daughter's education, but due to the sharp turnaround, her deposits got washed away in the water. However, it is hoped that the capital donated by the people will help them.