the rape of my dream ...

Recently, Kangana's office was demolished by BMC. This sabotage caused a lot of damage to the office. Some of its pictures also went viral on social media. Recently, Kangana has shared some pictures of her office on social media after this BMC attack.

Kangana shared her office photos

Along with these pictures shared by Kangana, she has also written captions. Kangana wrote in her tweet, 'made my karma that a crematorium, Najane took away the employment of so many people, a film unit employs several hundred people, a film is released and the house runs from theaters to popcorn seller, Those people are celebrating #NationalUnemploymentDay17Sept today by snatching employment from all of us.
This is rape: Kangana

Kangana wrote in another tweet- 'This is rape, of my dreams, of my spirits, of my self-respect and of my future'. Kangana further wrote- 'An age passes in building houses and you don't even sigh in burning colonies. Look at this, what have you done to my house .... is it not rape?
Constantly keeping your opinion

Kangana is still not back in her position in the recent drug case. She had also heard Jaya Bachchan a lot.