In this havoc of Corona, everyone has tried to strengthen their immune system so that infection can be fought. Strong immune systems keep many diseases away from the body. For this, people are consuming many things that nourish the body and work to increase immunity. But do not let these things which increase your immunity make you sick. Today we are going to tell you about such things which increase immunity, which can be overshadowed by health.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk is beneficial for health, but consuming it in large quantities causes harm. Nowadays, many people are consuming turmeric milk at night to strengthen the immune system. If you are also consuming turmeric milk every day, then you should keep the amount of turmeric in the milk very low. Keeping more turmeric in milk can harm health.


Lemonade is very beneficial for health. Lemon is found in plenty of vitamin C, which helps in strengthening the immune system. According to experts you can make and drink two lemon juice a day. The alkalinity of the body is reduced by consuming more quantity of lemonade. People who have gastric stress or excessive acid reflux should avoid lemon water.


Drinking decoction is beneficial for health. Consuming decoction can strengthen the immune system, but consuming more amount of decoction has adverse health effects. Consuming more amount of decoction may lead to many problems related to the stomach or skin. According to many experts, decoction should not be consumed daily. You can skip a day and consume the decoction. If you have been drinking the decoction for a long time, then stop drinking it for some time. You should drink the decoction two to three times a week or except once a day.