For glowing and unblemished skin, girls not only use expensive products but also adopt home remedies. However, using the wrong things on the skin can cause it to become dry because not everything suits you. Everyone's skin type is different, so everything should be used according to your skin. Let us tell you which experiment you should avoid while applying a DIY face packā€¦
Excessive use of lemon is dangerous

The bleaching properties present in lemon are beneficial for the skin, but its excessive use also makes the skin dry. Also, the pH level of the skin deteriorates, which can cause problems like pimples. On the other hand, if your skin is sensitive, do not forget to use it.

Stay away from mayonnaise mask

Often girls make mayonnaise masks by looking from the interior but this can cause acne. It contains a lot of fat and oil, which increases the bacteria in the skin by closing the pores. This causes acne on the face.
Apple Cider Vinegar

Even though apple cider is beneficial for the skin, applying it directly on the skin causes a reverse reaction. If you want to use Vinegar, after diluting it in water, apply it with the help of cotton.

Do not apply these things on dry skin

If your skin is dry or flakey type, then avoid applying tomatoes, potatoes or starchy and acidic things. It also dehydrates the skin, causing the skin to look torn. Also, there is a risk of acne and infraction.

Baking soda wrong for acne skin

Never apply things like baking soda on acne or dead skin. There is a risk of the infraction and your problem may increase rather than decrease.
Take care on oily skin

Those who have skin oily should not apply almond oil, vitamin E, cream. This makes the skin more oily and dirt starts accumulating in the pores as well.

Certain types of spices are also harmful

People have been using turmeric for centuries to improve the skin, but if it does not suit the skin, it can cause allergies and irritation. An overpack made from cinnamon and nutmeg should also be planted carefully.

Avoid experimenting with your skin and consult an expert before using anything.