In today's time, every girl likes to do makeup. Doing makeup also helps in getting a new look. In such a situation, many girls use eyeshadow to make the eyes look beautiful. But when eyeshadow starts to fade, it does not use well. In such a situation, if you like to apply eyeliner, then instead of throwing away the remaining eyeshadow, you can make colorful eyeliner from it. This will not make your eyeshadows useless either. Also, you will get different eyeliners without spending any money. So let's know how to make homemade eyeliner ...

Eyeshadow Powder - of any color
Water or rose water - as needed
Eye Liner Brush - 1
Primer - As required
A cotton swab or cotton - to mix
Container - 1

You can easily prepare it at home by following these 5 steps. So let's get to know how to make it

. First clean and clean the container.
. Now add your favorite color eyeshadow powder in it.
. After that add water or rose water and mix it.
. Now mix the mixture with an eyeliner brush for 1 to 2 minutes.
. Then add primer and mix.

Your homemade eyeliner is ready. Now close the container well and use it whenever you want. Apart from this, you can also apply the rest of the color by making eyeliner. With this, your eyes will get a new look and your eyes will look more beautiful and attractive. Also, according to the eyeshadow of the market, it will not make you expensive.