The food we eat not only meets the needs of our body but also affects our health. When we are able to burn only a few of the calories we consume, then we start gaining weight. We can balance our calories with the right choice of things included in the diet. A balanced diet does not mean avoiding any particular food, but a diet that contains all the essential nutrients that the body can absorb.

According to experts, in addition to the haphazard lifestyle behind our weight gain, there is more use of packed things. Unhealthy carbohydrates and important macronutrients often found in branded products can cause health-related problems such as lack of adequate nutrition, respiratory problems, and fatigue. Archana S, the Consultant Nutritionist, and Dietician from Motherhood Hospitals, Bengaluru, has mentioned some common grains for weight loss:
Jowar flour

Jowar flour is slightly bitter in taste but rich in fiber and is usually found everywhere. Jowar flour contains protein, minerals, and vitamins. It is gluten-free, which is very effective in controlling diabetes. A cup of jowar contains about 22 grams of protein. It controls your appetite and prevents you from eating unhealthy or junk food. Some popular dishes made from jowar flour include jowar rotis, jowar-onion puris, and theplas. These are all tasty but are also very good in terms of health and digestion.

Nutrition value 100 grams of jowar flour: 348 calories; 10.68 grams protein

Ragi flour

Ragi is an excellent grain for weight loss. The amino acid Trifotophen present in it gives good results in weight loss by reducing appetite. Ragi is also an excellent source of iron as well as fiber which helps indigestion. Lack of sleep also leads to weight gain.

Vitamin-C rich ragi is gluten-free, which manages cholesterol and helps in getting good sleep. Ragi can also be consumed at night, it helps in getting good sleep and also provides rest. Apart from ragi cookies, idli and Rotis, an easy way to consume them is to make porridge with ragi flour. It is very tasty and children also eat it with great fervor.

Nutrition value 119 grams of ragi flour: about 455 calories; 13 grams of protein

Oats flour

Oats flour is a healthy option for a balanced diet. Thousands of people around the world consume oats flour to lose weight. Oats flour is cheaper than expensive flours like almond flour or quinoa flour and is rich in carbohydrates. It reduces the level of cholesterol in our body and helps a lot in keeping the heart-healthy. Consumption of oats flour keeps the stomach full for a long time, causing frequent hunger. This helps in weight loss. Avoid buying ready-to-eat oats from the market, as they contain too much sugar and preservatives that will not help you lose weight.

Nutrition value

100 grams of oats flour: about 389 calories; 8% water; 16.9 grams of protein

Ways to lose weight

Losing weight is not something that happens overnight. It is a cylindrical process that results in results only after a long period of continuous effort and a balanced diet. Losing weight becomes quite easy rather than difficult if you understand how your body works and how many calories are needed to function properly every day.