Lapsi is a traditional Gujarati recipe. Which is often made in Gujarat during a special occasion. This recipe is specially made on the occasion of Holi in North India. This recipe is famous not only in Gujarat and North India but all over India as well as worldwide. Because it is very healthy and full of nutrients. It uses roasted coconut and many dry fruits, which increases its quality even more. You can serve it like a hot desert. Although it can be eaten cold as well, it depends on your will. So let's see how this delicious recipe is prepared.

(Serving: 2)
Main material
1 teaspoon oatmeal
For the main dish
2 teaspoons Ghee
1 cup jaggery
12 - Sliced ​​Coconut
4 - Saffron
4 - Nuts & Oilseeds
4 - unsalted cashew nuts
4 - Raisins
2 - Green Cardamom
3 - Pistachio
4 - Almonds
Water as needed
How to make: If you want to eat something different in sweet, then make UP's special recipe 'lapsi'
Step 1:
Take a cooker and add ghee to it, and heat the ghee well. Add almonds and other dry fruits to the hot ghee. When it becomes light brown, take it out. Now add cashew nuts and other dry fruits as well, fry them all till they turn light brown. In the end, add the kishmish in the ghee and fry till it becomes light brown, take it out too. After this add finely chopped coconut and fry it till it becomes golden. Fry all dry fruits in ghee till they turn brown, take them out one by one, and keep them aside.

Jaggery lapses

Step 2:

After this, put the remaining ghee in the cooker. When the ghee gets hot then add lapsi to it. Lapsi which we can also call broken wheat pieces. Fry it till it becomes light brown.

Step 3:
When the wheat is well roasted then add water and green cardamom, saffron, and close the cooker's lid and cook it well till the fall of 2 seats.

Step 4:

After waiting for a while, when the gas comes out from the cooker, open the lid of the cooker and mix it well by adding jaggery and roasted coconut, almonds, cashews, raisins. Now put the lid on the back and let it remain like this for 15 minutes. Keep in mind that you do not have to turn on the gas, just close the cooker with a lid. This will add the flavor of all the dry fruits to the lump and the jaggery will also melt well.

Step 5:

Your lapsi is ready, serve this recipe like a dessert. See how this delicious sweet dish made of wheat was easily prepared. It takes a little time but the time spent compared to its taste is not wasted. Along with this, it is very beneficial for health.