Due to dust-soil and pollution, the face glows. Experts also recommend using homemade face packs or paste daily to cleanse the dirt from the face and skin and bring it back shine. So today we will tell you to use easily prepared rice flour paste at home. By the way, a lot of things happen in the kitchen, from which the glowing skin can be found. But rice flour is better.

Rice and raw milk

To make a face pack of rice, take four spoons of rice and soak them for three to four hours and then grind them by adding four to five spoons of raw milk. Now apply it well on the entire face and leave the face like this for an hour. Rub the face with light hands and then wash it with cold water. Apply this face pack at least three days a week.

Rice flour, honey and lemon

Rice flour also helps in removing dead skin. For this, soak four spoons of rice and grind it and then add a little honey and lemon to it. Now apply on face and after one-hour wash face with cold water. This will remove the dead skin present on the face and bring freshness to the skin. Rice water is used by women in Korea and Japan to enhance their face.

Rice flour and yoghurt

Rice contains amino acids and vitamins that act as whitening for the skin and protect it from dirt. To get clear skin, grind rice, mix honey and three teaspoons of curd and mix it well and then apply it on the face. Leave the face for half an hour and then massage with light hands. After five minutes wash the face with cold water.