Badami is located in the northern part of Karnataka, known for its great history and architecture. There are many ancient temples, forts and historical places to see in Badami. It is equally famous for its rock-cut cave temples, which are carved on red sandstone hills. There are also many fairs and festivals celebrated annually, which is a must-see at least once. Let us tell you about some places located here which are the main attractions among tourists.

Durg Temple

It is a beautiful temple located in Aihole, a small village in Badami, Karnataka. The temple has idols of deities. It is one of the earliest examples of Hindu temple design. This temple has been constructed keeping in mind the figures of Shiva wearing lion-faced Narasimha and tiger skins, which is very beautiful to see.

Pattadakal Temple

This temple complex is a testimony to how sculpture and other artistic forms evolved. Both South Indian Dravidian 'and North Indian' Nagra 'architectural styles can be seen in the structures inside the temple complex. Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna temples were built to depict the military victories of the Chalukya king Vikramaditya II and scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Other carvings also exist in this temple, reflecting the customs, traditions and stories of the time.

Agastya Lake

Agastya Lake is a huge water body located just below the cave temples. Unlike other lakes, it is considered a sacred lake, as its water cures many diseases. It is named after the sage Agastya. According to mythology, this lake is known to destroy all sins. This attractive lake is surrounded by residents, where they use this water and preserve it for the future. If you see the surroundings, you will be stunned by the magnificent panoramic views of the hills.

Cave temple

The Badami Cave Temple is a complex of four Hindu cave temples, representing the rock-cut architecture of the Chalukya dynasty. Curiously, the caves are carved into a single stone and the statue itself appears to have come out of the rock. Tourists who come in search of famous places to visit Badami must come here once. This place is beautiful in view and offers a good sample of architecture.

Badami Fort

This place is nothing but a famous archaeological site of Badami. Located under a rock, the Badami Fort is located in front of the Badami Caves. It offers a spectacular view of the city of Badami and its structures. Additionally, the fort is operated by large granaries, a large underground chamber, temples, strategically placed Watchtower and various other attractions. Thus, it has emerged as an exciting tourist destination in Badami. Therefore, if you are going to Badami then do not forget to see this historic important fort.

If you also want to roam in some beautiful place of the South, then Badami of Karnataka is the best destination for you.

Image Credit: wikipedia