The risk of diabetes disease is high during coronary infection. Diabetes is an incurable disease that increases due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels in our body. In this disease, the insulin hormone from our pancreas stops, and This increases the risk of diabetes manifold in our body.Corona-round diabetes patients should take special care of health-
Type 2 diabetes in our body is very deadly and most adults suffer from it. In this case, it is very important to protect against diabetes disease. It is important to take special care of diabetes patients with their medication. Because due to negligence, diabetes can increase the risk of many serious diseases and corona in our bodies. Diabetes patients should pay special attention to diet and exercise regularly. Also, it is necessary to keep a distance from sweet things. And your blood sugar level should be checked regularly.

Diabetic patients consume berries in their diet.
It is beneficial for diabetes patients to consume berries in vinegar. The fruits of Jamun contain nutrients like fiber, magnesium, iron, and vitamins-A, B, C, which help in controlling the blood sugar of our body. Diabetes patients should consume berries of vinegar in the morning daily. This keeps blood sugar levels controlled and thereby keeps diabetes disease under control.