It is very important to take care of monsoon-related diseases and find solutions for them and you can follow these expert tips for the same.

If any kind of disease comes to us, then it becomes a very troublesome problem. For some time now, the havoc of Corona has increased so much that we are not paying attention to those seasonal diseases which can happen very easily and at the same time can trouble us. In summer, many people suffer from diseases like viral, dengue, chikungunya, while monsoon season brings water-borne diseases.

Monsoon is probably one of the most unique seasons that we enjoy a lot, but due to this fun, we also get a lot of trouble. There are many diseases related to monsoon about which we consult experts. We spoke to Shikha Mahajan, a dietitian and holistic nutritionist, and founder of Diet Podium, to find out more.

Regarding the diseases related to monsoon, he says that this season itself is associated with stomach-related diseases and hygiene. The biggest problem occurs in the intestines because our diet and poor water use weaken it and there is a lot of effect on the gut bacteria.

Common diseases in monsoon

As we mentioned that the most common diseases in monsoon are related to the stomach, but along with this viral fever also come in this season and due to problems of hygiene. So these diseases are common in monsoon-

1. Typhoid -

Typhoid is the most common problem caused by bad water. There is also high fever, ulcers in the intestines, and throat infection. Joint pain and headache are also important problems.

2. Jaundice-

Jaundice or jaundice is caused due to hygiene and bad water and food. It causes fever, yellowing of the skin, liver problems.

3. Hepatitis A-

This is a viral infection that is caused due to spoiled food and water. It also causes liver problems. Fatigue, fever, etc. persist.

4. Cold and Fever-

Monsoon is also called flu season and it always happens due to the rise and fall of temperature in monsoon.

5. Influenza-

It is also called viral by people, which often spreads from one person to another and is caused due to problems of hygiene.

6. Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya-

These problems also occur due to the increase in the number of mosquitoes. All these diseases are caused by mosquito bites and to avoid them, you have to diagnose a lot of problems.

These were all diseases that trouble us during monsoon, but have you tried to know what their treatment is? Shikha Mahajan says that you need to take care of both your diet and hygiene during this time.

Solutions related to hygiene-

Due to dirt, we come in contact with most of the diseases, and these problems go on increasing.

  • Do your best to drive away mosquitoes.
  • Do not collect water anywhere in the house.
  • House cleaning is very important.
  • Washing hands after coming from outside is very important.
  • Avoid excessive outside food.
  • Do not eat food from unhygienic places.
  • If water is collecting around the house, then ask the management to get it cleaned.
  • In case of any kind of illness, consult a doctor.

Diet related solutions

Shikha Mahajan says that during the monsoon, pakora, samosa, Tikki, and other street food are very much in our diet and all this junk food damages our intestines. Hot and humid weather becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. In such a situation, you must take care of some things-

  • Go towards healthy foods and eat less junk food as much as possible.
  • If you want to eat something hot, then you can make soup or broth, etc. Not pakora.
  • If you want to eat something crunchy, then eat things like roasted makhana, gram, not pakora.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Do not let the lack of water in the body.

All these diseases increase due to some of our habits and it is also very important to solve them. Take care of your health.