Jaipur: In the changing season, our body becomes a victim of viral infection easily and this increases the problems of colds, coughs, and viral fever. Because it is also considered the earliest symptom of all coronaviruses.

Therefore, to keep the body healthy during the corona infection, you must eat a diet containing vitamin-C in the diet. You must include grapes, apples, oranges, and amla in your diet. Capacity is strong.

This keeps our body away from the dangers of viral infection. You can get a hang of saltwater or gargle with saltwater in case of cold and cold. This eliminates the problem of viral infections and colds, sore throat, for this, by heating water in a vessel, mix a little salt in it and smell it or gargle with saltwater.

To avoid viral infections and flu in the changing season, at home, drink basil leaves, ginger, black pepper, honey, greens and boil them to make a decoction. This reduces the risk of colds and viral infections.

This strengthens our immunity and also reduces the risk of corona infection. You must wake up early in the morning and practice yoga as a coronary infection to keep the body healthy. Practicing yoga every day makes our body diverse Keeps away from diseases.