Today the corona epidemic infection is increasing very fast all over the world. In case of any type of disease in our body, the risk of corona infection increases manifold. So to keep the body away from corona infection the body is fit and It is very important to maintain well-being. But due to the changed lifestyle today, our body is becoming the victim of many types of deadly diseases.

In this phase of infection, it is very important to make some special changes in the lifestyle to keep the body healthy. People have seen a decrease in physical activities due to the lockdown imposed in the country to prevent the Coronavirus.

Due to this, our body weight gain and obesity are increasing, due to which our body is becoming the victim of high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Necessary.

It is also necessary to take a walk after a meal, it keeps our body weight and obesity under control, as well as it strengthens our body's immunity, thereby protecting our body from many types of diseases.

Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and tobacco helps to increase fatalities like cancer in our body. Therefore, it is very important to give up these habits to keep the body healthy. Also, our body becomes the victim of many types of fatal diseases, so it is necessary to eat a balanced diet in the diet to keep the body healthy and away from diseases.