A large population of the country likes to drink tea and many start their day with tea. But apart from tasting the tea, it is important to know the rules related to its consumption so that there is no messing with health. It is often seen that many people make the mistake of drinking water even after drinking tea which is not good for health. Today in this episode, we are going to give you information related to the harm caused by drinking water after tea.

- Drinking water after drinking tea is not a good habit. Tea is hot and water is cold. People who drink cold water after drinking tea start having problems in their teeth. Actually, drinking cold water after hot tea causes a sudden change in the temperature of the mouth which causes problems in the nerves of the teeth.

According to experts, drinking too much water immediately after drinking tea causes a lot of damage to the upper layer of the teeth, which we call enamel, due to the cold heat and this increases the sensitivity of teeth and increases the sensitivity of teeth. I complain of feeling cold hot.

- In some people, drinking too much cold water immediately after tea causes ulcers. According to experts, all this does not mean that we should stop consuming tea at all. Rather, we should consume it in limited quantity, because if we consume tea in limited quantity then the beneficial elements such as palephenol and antioxidants are very beneficial for the heart and are very helpful in reducing weight.

- If you drink water immediately after drinking tea, there may be a problem of bleeding from your nose. Many people have to face this problem.

- Drinking cold water after hot tea also causes troubles like cough, cold. Because at the same time we are eating cold and hot effect. So the throat also sits there.

- Sometimes drinking water after tea causes acidity. So there are other stomach problems.