Anemia is caused by hemoglobin deficiency and is very dangerous. Anemia is considered a fatal disease. However, the goal of hemoglobin deficiency in the body is easily met and you can identify its symptoms and correct the eating habit, which will increase the hemoglobin. In anemia, eating Aryan is very important.

Eating roasted gram is very beneficial for health. But if jaggery is consumed with it, it is more beneficial for the body. But in proportion to women, if men consume lentils and chickpeas, then it has many benefits. And if women consume roasted gram and jaggery once a week, then there will be no deficiency of iron in their body. Roasted gram and jaggery can eliminate anemia. Although dahlias and jaggery are not so helpful in increasing blood, there are benefits of eating it.
It is effective in diseases ranging from skin to teeth and constipation. The most important thing is that eating both jaggery and roasted gram together is beneficial. Men often go to the gym to exercise. But you should take jaggery and oatmeal in it. It strengthens the muscles and gives other benefits to the body.
Consumption of jaggery increases the amount of blood in the body. And eating dahlia increases stamina. Due to the deteriorating digestive system of the body, there is a problem of cough and acidity. You should eat jaggery and dahlias in it. Because it contains fiber which cures our digestion and gradually eliminates the problem of cough.