Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine in the world. There are many such things mentioned in Ayurveda, which are very small in appearance but have many benefits but we ignore those things. One such small-looking thing is cardamom which is very beneficial for our health, so let us know today about its benefits

… In today's time, there is a great need to take care of your immunity in the corona going on, in this case, if you either chew a cardamom on an empty stomach in the morning or grind the cardamom in the milk before going to bed at night, then this milk Consumption will increase your body immunity. Nowadays our food and drink has become very bad due to which we have to face many stomach related diseases such as loss of appetite, acidity, heartburn, cardamom panacea is the cure for these problems.

Gets relief from. Nowadays the problem of hair loss is commonly heard, due to which many people are upset, even for this, if you take cardamom on an empty stomach in the morning, then this problem gets rid of soon.