In today's time, the effect of wrong eating and changing lifestyles is visible on our skin and hair. It causes dry hair, hair breakage, and falls. In this way, you can use curry leaves to nourish your hair. Can.
A curry leaf or curry leaf hair mask can give your roots a much-needed nutritional boost, which can prevent grayness and any new hair that grows out is healthy in texture. Will need to be made—To make your hair mask
—Two teaspoons of coconut oil
—Include 10-12 curry leavesHair Masks made in this way: -
- Start by heating coconut oil.
-Then turn off the burner and add curry leaves.
-When it is well prepared, you have to cool it for at least 20 minutes.
-When it looks lukewarm, massage it well with your hair and scalp.
-You can apply it overnight and wash it the next day by applying your regular mild shampoo or you can wash your hair after two hours of applying this hair mask. But do not forget to condition your hair after washing.
-After rubbing your hair, you can also add a few drops of vitamin-E oil or almond oil to make the hair naturally soft. It nourishes the hair, which reduces the problem of hair fall.