Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs, was born on 15 April 1469 in the village of Talwandi situated on the banks of river Ravi. Actually, Guru Sahib was born in a Hindu family, that is why today Sikhs, as well as people of Hindu religion, consider Guru Nanak Dev Ji as their favorite. As you know this year, the 550th Guru of Guru Sahib is being celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. In such a situation, today we would also like to have a look at the life of Guru Sahib. So let us know some special things related to the life of Guru Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji before the Sikhs who started the Sikh Panth ...

Parents and family

Actually, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who started the Sikh Panth, was born into a Hindu family. Born from the womb of father Mehta Kalu and mother Truptji, Guru Sahib was a master of orthodox thinking from childhood. At the time when Guru Sahib was born on this track, many things like sati and other rituals were prevalent around the world. Which he strongly opposed and prevented wrong practices like sati. What was the practice of sati?

When Guru Nanak Dev Ji grew up his age, he saw that the fire of Sati was spreading everywhere. Sati means that after the husband's death, the wife was thrown alive into her husband's funeral pyre. Seeing this happening, Guru Sahib not only opposed this thing but also ended this practice. He even practiced the remarriage of a widowed woman.

According to Guru Sahib, every person has come to God by writing his breath. No one can determine the death of anyone other than that God. In such a situation, if the husband dies, the woman has every right to live her own life. Less interest in reading and writing ...

When Guru Sahib was 4-5 years old, the father sent him to Pathshala to study. But when the teacher asked Guru Sahib to write 1, he made the word 'Ik Onkar' of that one. Guru Sahib would never learn or write anything before this. Gradually, father Mehta Kaluji came to know that he is not interested in reading and writing. When something else grew up, the father sent 20 rupees from home to do business. But even with those 20 rupees, Guru Sahib gave food to saints and saints. Attachment to sister nankey

Guru Sahib used to love his sister Nanaki very much. Guru Sahib spent much of his life in the gloom. Whenever Guru Sahib returned home sadly, he used to go to meet his sister Nanaki first. Whenever Guru Sahib spoke against the evils in society, sister Nanaki always supported him. Even when Guru Sahib went to bathe in the Bayin river, he remained there for the whole 14 days. Everyone understood that Guru Sahib had drowned in water. But Sister Nanaki believed that Nanak was not submerged but that he had come to haunt this world, and the same Guru Sahib appeared after 14 days from the Bayi river. After that day, along with sister Nanaki, everyone accepted that Guru Sahib is not really a common man but a great avatar. wedding

Guru Nanak Dev's wife's name was Sulakshini, she was a resident of Batala. They had two sons, one son named Srichand and the other son named Laxmidas. Along with the birthday of Guru Sahib, his marriage festival is also celebrated with great pomp in Batala. This wedding festival is celebrated at the beginning of September. Trips

Guru Sahib made a total of 5 yatras to unite society and humanity. During these travels, Guru Sahib had traveled the whole world. Wherever Guru Sahib went, he taught people the words of righteousness by eliminating evil.

So here were some special things related to the life of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The 550th Birthday of Guru Sahib was celebrated in the Sultanpur Lodhi town of Punjab with great pomp and show.