Guava is considered a fruit that has many benefits. This fruit is delicious but also rich in nutrition. Everyone likes to eat this fruit and there is hardly anyone who does not like guava. Guava is considered beneficial for your health in many ways, which strengthens your liver and your blood pressure and digestive system. Guava fruit is considered very beneficial but do you know that its leaves are equally beneficial.

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties along with anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Guava leaves are also effective for the health of your skin along with your hair. Drinking the juice of guava leaves or chewing its small soft leaves is very beneficial for health.

Guava leaves soften your face, keep wrinkles away and your skin does not get damaged. The fresh guava leaves remove the sting and kill pimples from your face. Vitamin C present in its leaves removes two problems of hair and has also proved helpful in growing hair.