One such case has come up from Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, knowing that your hair will stand. In Kaksha village of Kusmi police station area, 70 km from Sidhi, a girlfriend buried the lover's corpse in the room and for the last two months, the girlfriend slept on his grave. The incident was revealed when the family of the lover lodged a report of her disappearance.

According to police, 25-year-old girlfriend Janu Singh was having a love affair with 27-year-old Ishan Mohammad, resident of Satna district. The love between the two started with the numbering on the mobile phone.

When Ishan and Janu's love rose, Janu started living with Ishan in Katni. After staying for a few days, both of them returned to the village and started living here. According to information received from the Kusmi police, a fight took place on 6 December between boyfriend Ishan and girlfriend Janu. Then on December 7, the young man was hanged. Girlfriend Janu says that when Ishaq committed suicide, she was not present at home.