Zafar Ahmed, the father of Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan, has passed away this morning. He was hospitalized for the past week due to illness. Gauhar Khan's friend Preeti Simos was informed about this earlier. After which Gauhar Khan shared the picture of the father on social media and informed about his death. Recently, Gauhar attended her father's last visit.

During this time, pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the pictures that appeared, there were moist eyes and sorrow on the face in white clothes.

A few family members also appeared with her. At the same time, Gauhar was also seen handling the mother who was drowned in sorrow due to her husband's death.

Gauhar also informed about the father's death

Let me tell you, Gauhar Khan shared a picture of her father on her Instagram account and informed about his death. She wrote in the caption, 'My hero is nobody like you. My father was an angel who has passed away. He was the best soul. I love you very much. '