The personal and official website of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India may once again fall victim to cyber-attacks and cyber experts are once again preparing to secure Modi's website. A warning issued by cyber experts states that data has been leaked in defeat from PM's site, which is not a good symptom. Sources said that there have been two cyberattacks on the Prime Minister's website and other websites linked to him from October 10 to 16 and there have been reports of various types of data leaks.

Sources said that the security of Modi's website has also been questioned. According to Business Today's report, French hacker Elliott Anderson once again asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter about the security of his website, adding that he had discussed the website with the Prime Minister's Office. Data leaks are a major problem for the Prime Minister and many cyber hackers around the world are trying to disrupt the security of Modi's website.

Let me tell you that a cyber attack was revealed recently on the PM Care Fund website. Names donating to PM Care Fund were leaked in this attack. Websites like Beti Bachao Swachh Bharat have also been attacked. The hackers revealed that 292,000 had donated to the PM Cars Fund. A total of 5.74 lakh people have also been made aware of the data.