Styling yourself is certainly a big task, but sometimes small mistakes made during styling can spoil your entire look.

The term styling may sound common, but it is a very big word. Every girl has her styling sense and that's why the way you style an outfit, another girl might want to carry it differently. Many times it also happens that when two Bollywood actresses carry the same outfit, their style is different from each other. So how and how one styles an outfit is entirely determined by the woman wearing it.

Not only this, but every girl's body type is also different and so if you style yourself by looking at someone, then it may not give you the look that you expected. However, this does not mean that any outfit you wear in any way will be stylish. For this, you will also have to be a little sensitive and avoid some common mistakes. Although there is no rule of styling, then some fashion mistakes can spoil your look. That's why you should avoid them-

Bright Color Bra under Sheer Top

Wearing a bright and colorful bra under a sheer top is not appropriate at all. Sheer tops can indeed make you look extremely fashionable. But it is also important that you carry them properly. If you want to wear a sheer top, then it is better that you wear a cute cami top under it or you should wear a bra matching the color of your top. With this, you can easily create a classy and stylish look.

Choosing the Wrong Low Slunge Pants

For some time now, low-slung pants or simply low waist pants and jeans are being liked a lot. This type of pants certainly looks quite classy on women of a slim figure. But often women make a mistake while buying it. If you are choosing low slung pants, then you must also check how low it is from the waist after wearing it. You don't want to show anyone the color and type of undergarments you're wearing.

Skin color leggings

Many times it happens that you wear exactly matching leggings with your skin. It doesn't matter whether you are wearing leggings or not which makes it look very strange. Especially, if you wear a short top with those leggings it's a huge fashion mistake. So try to avoid this type of leggings as far as possible. If you can't do that, at least wear it by teaming it up with a long tunic.

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