The eyes, ears, nose are the most sensitive organs on the face. All those veins are connected to each other. Problems in one organ cause a reaction to the other organ. The nose and ear are so interconnected that if there is a problem in one, the effect is immediately seen in the other. Talking about the ears, some people have constant itching in their ears.

They are constantly using earbuds. Which is not the cure for this problem. At the same time, this method often proves to be harmful. Let us know what to do to get rid of itching in the ears. Bacterial infections of the ear can occur due to several reasons. The use of eater made from infected rooms may also be a factor.

A bacterial infection in the throat or nose can also spread the infection to your ears. Bacterial infection can also occur due to water in the ear during bathing and not paying attention to ear hygiene. The biggest cause of fungal infection in the ears is frequent dandruff in your head. Yes, you read that right. Dandruff can occur due to dandruff in the ears.

It is important that you take good care of your scalp. One of the reasons for fungal infections in the ears may be to ignore hygiene. Therefore clean the ears well while bathing and after bathing also clean the ears with a handkerchief.