Everyone wants healthy and glowing skin. Then whether it is a boy or a girl. For this, all the millions also do the work. Applying expensive to expensive beauty products and makeup. But if the skin does not look clean, glowing and bland inside, then all chemical products are useless. In such a situation, it is important to have the right skincare to protect the skin from pimples and lifeless, dryness. Just like at night, the right skin routine can bring life to the skin in the morning. So let's know what those skincare routines are.

Cold face wash

After waking up in the morning, the face should be washed first with cold water. So that after the skin changes overnight, the dead skin is easily removed from the skin.


At night, apply night cream and sleep. So by morning, a layer of dirt gets deposited on it. So after waking up in the morning clean the face with a mild face wash. If the skin is oily, then exfoliating facewash will be better to use. At the same time, the mild face wash is enough for normal skin.


Many women do not add toner to the routine. But a good quality toner opens the skin pores. The pH level of the skin is also maintained. Toner removes dead skin from the skin and hydrates it.


A good serum rejuvenates the skin. A vitamin C, E-rich serum is beneficial for the skin which causes skin tightness. By applying a few drops of serum before applying moisturizer, the skin reduces fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles. Also, the skin is tight and toned. Massaging the serum with light hands brings new life to the skin.