There are many diseases in the world at one time, whose names we do not even know. But haemophilia is a disease about which people are now getting to know. You may be aware of this disease but do you know that Haemophilia is also known as 'royal disease'. Because it is related to Queen Victoria of Britain. Queen Victoria had this disease first. It is said that the Queen was the first victim of that dreaded disease and since then the disease came to be known as 'Royal Disease'.

Indeed, Queen Victoria was a victim of haemophilia. It was discovered when members of the British royal family started falling prey to the disease. Many members of the royal family suffered from haemophilia due to which it was termed as 'royal disease'.

Two daughters and one son of Queen Victoria had the disease. It was because of this that his son Prince Leopold died of bleeding after an accident. At that time, he was only 30 years old. Later, when both the daughters of the queen were married to kings and princes of different countries, the disease spread genetically to other countries as well. Today people from many countries suffer from haemophilia.