Shanidev is considered to be the angriest and stubborn god, if he puts his angry eyes on someone, then the mountain of sorrows breaks on that person.

Today we are going to tell you about some such things, which do not even be brought home by mistake on Saturday.

By not buying black shoes at home on Saturday, you will never succeed in any task and you will get frustrated in every task.

On this day, no kind of oil should be brought by mistake, Shani Dev is angry with bringing oil.

There is no taste in any food without salt, but salt should not be brought at home on this day.

Scissors are not bought on this day, buying scissors on this day disrupts the peace of the house, so do not bring scissors at home by mistake on this day.

One should not buy a broom on Saturday, but buying a broom on this day causes poverty in the house.

Black sesame seeds should not be brought to the house on Saturday, but buying sesame on this day does not do any work properly at home.