It is said that if a person has talent, he can do anything. Roshni, Radha, Shreya, Khushboo, and Vivek, 5 students from Bihar, have done something similar, who changed the map of the government school with their petting talent. These students, who are interested in painting, have given a new look to a school in Bihar with their skills, which now looks no less than a private school.

Changed the color of government school

All five children made beautiful paintings on the claims of the government school. He has filled not only one but 3 government schools in the district with petting. He has not only beautified the two-story school but also made the classroom and the corridor beautiful. Not only this, but he also wants to work in the same way. Now the skills of children are being praised all over the country.

Difficulties came but also support

During an interview, Roshni said that due to young age and experience, there were many difficulties while doing this work but we also got the support of all, so that we can complete this work. We together made it easy for 5 people. He did this without any help.

Instructions were received from the education department

He was asked to do this work on behalf of the Department of Education, after which he started working. Children have also been given wages for this work. However, the goal of the children was not to earn money. He is not a professional but due to his passion for painting, he completed this job.

That's why schools were painted

The purpose of getting the government to paint the schools is that when children come to school after the Corona period, they should be happy to see these artifacts. The way they are painted, children can also learn a lot in sports and games.