The best way to avoid unnecessary expenses is to make a list of things to buy. Write nipples, bibs, creams, nappies, oils, clothes, diapers, baby soaps, etc. in this list. Also, if you want to bring something, write it down in advance. You can also check their price online. Then either buy online or go to the market to buy. The advantage of the list is that you will buy as much as you want and you will not be distracted.

Whenever you buy baby clothes, always take it a year or a few months, as the children grow up. Short dresses will become useless in a few days and you will need to shop again and again. When shopping for a child, always choose comfortable clothes. The skin of a newborn is very delicate. In this case, make sure that the cloth is not damaged by rubbing.

Buy soft and light clothes. Do not buy clothes with frills, ribbons, etc. in the beginning. They look beautiful, but they can also cause rashes. Newborn clothes are as simple, safe, and more comfortable. Newborn clothes may need to be changed several times a day. So buy clothes that are easy to wear. Do not buy clothes with too many buttons or chains.