In order to avoid the coronavirus, experts are asking people to wear masks and gloves besides caution utensils. Actually, virus droplets can make you sick by entering the body through hands, so people are being advised to apply masks on the mouth. Meanwhile, some news is getting viral on social media that the coronavirus can enter the body through the ear. Let us tell you what is the opinion of experts?

What is the opinion of experts?

According to experts, the coronavirus can enter the body through the ear, nose, and eyes as well as through the ear. However, there is no risk of corona infection by ear unless you have an ear disease.

Is the effect of the virus less?

No evidence has been found that suggests that there has been any change in the coronavirus or its effects are diminishing. However, 80 percent of the people in India do not need treatment, due to their strong immune system. The rest of the patients are being kept under the supervision of the hospital.
Do not keep negative thinking against viruses

The coronavirus spreads by shaking hands, coughing, and sneezing, but it is not a disease that cannot be cured. In such a situation, it would be better to change your negative thinking towards this virus. Also, do not discriminate against the corona patient or the cured patient. We have to fight the virus and not the people.

When will the vaccine come?

Scientists from all over the world are engaged in making the corona vaccine, but at the moment its vaccine is not ready. Due to the length of the clinical trial process, it may take some more time to become a medicine. At the moment you do not need to panic at all with the coronavirus.
How to save?

. Do not forget to wear a mask while leaving the house. Goggles or shields can be used for protection.
. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the eyes and avoid touching the eyes again and again. Also do not share cloth, towel, or handkerchief with anyone.
. Wash face with face wash and splash water on eyes too.
. Follow social distancing and keep a distance of 6 feet from people.
. If there is any ear disease, consult a doctor.