Many types of tea are drunk in India, especially people who prefer to drink black tea with milk. On the other hand, people who want to lose weight consume more green tea. But if you want, you can also drink black tea along with green tea. Yes, drinking black tea also reduces body weight. Some people feel that drinking black tea causes harm to the body, let's know what the experts say about this matter...

Nowadays, many people follow the opinions of experts, especially those who are fond of losing weight, take different ideas from them. According to experts, the consumption of black tea is not so harmful. According to him, if you consume anything more than the required amount, it will harm you. It is the same with some black tea, if you consume more than 2 cups of black tea in a day then it can be harmful to you.
Keeps you away from diseases

According to experts, consuming black tea keeps a person away from many diseases. Yes, there are many types of antioxidants found in black tea, which do not allow oxidants to be produced in your body. Through which your Digestive system i.e. the process of digesting food is done well, and your body is protected from diseases. These anti-oxidant elements also work to eliminate the extra fat in the body, as well as helps to keep you stress-free. In such a situation, consuming black tea in limited quantity proves beneficial for you.

What does the research say?

According to research conducted in 2014, people who consumed black tea lost weight faster than other people who had other weight loss healthy drinks like Lemon-Tea. Some people reduced their weight by 6 to 7 kg by drinking black tea in just 3 months. Also, pay special attention to your diet, if you are also starting to consume black tea to lose weight, then do not forget to pay attention to your diet. Black tea is high in caffeine; during summer it should be consumed with little consideration.
How much black tea should be drunk in a day?

If you talk about how much tea you should drink in a day, the answer is 2 to 3 cups. If you drink only 2 cups in the summer then it will be fine. Drinking more than 2 cups of black tea due to caffeine can cause you to face problems like sleeplessness at night. It can also increase your heartbeat, which can prove to be a problem for you. So that's why you can drink 2 cups in summer and 3 cups of black tea in winter.

How important is milk tea?

If we talk about milk tea, then most of the people in India like to drink milk tea. But by consuming sugar-rich tea with full-fat milk, fat is collected in the body. Also, it causes many other diseases. Such as high cholesterol and high BP. The reason for such diseases is sweet tea with milk. If you want to avoid diseases, drink faded tea with skimmed milk or black tea may be better for you.