Bhumi Pednekar's first reason for scrolling Instagram is her beauty, which attracts everyone. Bhumi has millions of fans on her Instagram who follows her not only for beauty but also for fitness tips. Bhoomi wins the hearts of the people with her acting and she says that she should be positive in every situation. Through her social media, Bhumi Pednekar keeps on giving new makeup ideas and fitness tips. Recently, Bhoomi shared a makeup photo with a mask, which was quite trending too. Here we will tell you the beauty tips of the Bhumi which you can also adopt.

Try the new color eyeshadow

Everyone likes nude color eyeshadow because it looks normal. If you think of some pop-up color eyeshadow try, you would think that it will not look strange? Bhoomi has confirmed in this photo that something new TRAI should do. In this, Bhoomi has applied purple color eyeshadow and it is looking completely new and different.

Bold eyebrows look

We pay much attention to eyeshadows and lipsticks while doing makeup, but bold eyebrows look great to make the eyes look beautiful. Bhumi says she often likes to contour on bold eyebrows and cheeks. Using Spot Correct under your eyes is a better option for you. So next time do not forget to pay more attention to your cheeks and eyebrows whole doing makeup.

Healthy skin is necessary for makeup

Bhumi Pednekar says that you can have the best makeup artist, but it can work for you only when your skin will be soft and healthy. When Bhoomi first got pimples, she incorporated all the things in her routine such as face masks, face wash, scrubbing, toning, and so on. But Bhumi was not benefited by any of these things, after which she got Multani Mitti as a panacea treatment. Bhumi uses Multani Mitti's pack in her routine, which eliminates her facial oil.

Workout for glowing skin

Bhumi Pednekar often shares her photos after workouts, in which her glow looks different. When we exercise, the blood flow to the skin increases and oxygen improves. This is why exercise makes skin glowing and healthy. To make your skin healthy, it is very important to exercise a little later in the day.

Include breakfast smoothie

Bhumi Pednekar includes the smoothness of fruits in the first breakfast in the morning. Her favorites are vanilla essence, stevia, and cocoa powder, which are mixed with ground coconut and almond milk and drunk. Bhumi loves mangoes and during summer she includes mangoes in smoothies. If you also like to have smoothies for breakfast, then try these too.

Be positive and give yourself time

We often forget to make time for ourselves because of work, but Bhumi told in an interview that she used to spend hours in makeup when she was in Teenage. After this, she used to appreciate seeing herself in the mirror. Bhoomi believes that it is important to understand yourself better and embrace your flaws. Taking time out for herself, Bhoom likes to take a hot stone massage so that she can spend time with herself.

Image Credit: Instagram