Jamshedpur, a beautiful and largest city of Jharkhand, also known as Steel City or Tatanagar. This city, which incorporates peace and peace within, is one of the most favourite places in Jharkhand for millions of tourists. Wrapped in greenery and the pleasant weather of Jamshedpur city attracts tourists throughout the year.

Its beautiful gardens, parks and articles make it even more special to visit here. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about the tourist places of this city, where once you have visited, you will want to plan to visit these beautiful places again and again. Let's know about the tourist places here.

Jubilee Park

  1. park in Jamshedpur is very special for the tourists because there are many such entertainment programs in this park, which tourists come from far and wide to see. In the evening the lighting program of this park is the centre of attraction. There is also a zoo inside this park where you can go for a walk. The park is said to have opened to the general public in the year 1958. The park is also known as the 'Mughal Garden' of Jamshedpur.

Dimna Lake

Jamshedpur's Dimna Lekha is one of the most prominent and beautiful tourist destinations of Jamshedpur. Located about 13 km away from the main city, the scenic views around the article will surely fascinate you. This lake is very famous as a beautiful picnic spot for the tourists. If you like boating in the lake, you can also enjoy boating by paying a costly fee. Tourists especially come here to hang out with friends and their partners.

Dalma Sanctuary

When there is a beautiful lake, a beautiful park and a huge wildlife sanctuary at the same tourist spot, the fun of visiting becomes four times more. Jamshedpur in Jharkhand is a similar place. If you are fond of animals, then you must visit the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is mainly known for elephants, although you will also find thousands of animals here. You can hire the train by the Forest Officer and go inside it by paying a fee.

Amadubi Rural Tourism Village

This village on the outskirts of the city is also very beautiful. If you have to deal with tribal art, then you must reach here to roam. It is said about this village that the people here depict the scenes of rural life on the walls of the house with the bark of trees. On the walls of every house here, you will find paintings inspired by epics, folklore and rural life. In a way, you can see the whole scene of tribal living here.

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